What is Ninnotto


Ninnotto is an ultra-soft, comfortable and practical sleeve, thought out and implemented to make nursing ultra-comfortable, easy and safe for you and your baby in any situation.


Ninnotto can easily be slipped over any kind of sleeve as well as on bare arm.

The sleeve is made of soft, natural fabrics, with gentle padding for your baby to rest their little head. Thus, Ninnotto prevents baby’s head from contacting itchy or hygienically compromised surfaces, allowing them to rest and cuddle comfortably protected in your arms.

Thanks to its soft padded bamboo-thread pillow, with Ninnotto you will be able to ensure your baby’s hygiene and comfort in one single gesture, wherever you are. 

Ninnotto makes nursing more comfortable and lovely than ever.

When to use Ninnotto


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The prolonged contact of your baby's head with bare arm or an itchy fabric can prove quite uncomfortable and sometimes may cause irritations on their sensitive skin.

Ninnotto is entirely made of natural fibers. The area where the baby's head rests is padded and is made of a precious bamboo thread. Bamboo fiber is naturally anti-bacterial, breathable & cool. It is one of the softest and smoothest natural fabrics, while being also very strong.

Easily adjustable, it adapts to any arm, bare or wearing a garment.
Ninnotto is a precious ally all year round and wherever you are:
During the Winter it protects your baby’s delicate skin from itching or irritations due to winter clothes and fabrics.
During the Summer it prevents unpleasant perspiration caused by friction on bare skin.
At home, traveling, at the airport, in the train, at the park, at the beach, at friends’, …

Entirely made in Italy, it holds a US and European patent.
There is no such product on the market!


The best gift for any mother to be

A high quality baby product

An ultra-soft soft padded pillow

Ergonomic and simple to use

Hygiene and comfort in one single gesture

Light, easy to take with you, always at hand

Washable and reusable

Easily adjustable to fit any arm size

Made in Italy US and Europe patented

About us

a precious gift from a mom's love for her baby
to all the moms across the world

Ninnotto is produced by DOC & DOC LLC, an independent, family owned company founded by Chiara Mazzanti and her husband Massimo in 2012. A new branch based in Miami has opened in 2016 representing DOC & DOC’s US headquarters, which is holding both the European and American patents.

I’m Chiara and was born in Philadelphia, PA, USA from Italian parents.  At the age of four I moved back to Italy with my family, and I grew up with my two sisters (one is my twin) and my brother.  I am a scientist with a degree in Biological Sciences. Thanks to my dual citizenship, I was able to spend many years working at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda MD as a researcher in the field of cancer genetics. 

I have a PhD in Experimental Oncology and Tumor Biomorphology, and currently am the Director of the Laboratory of Genomics of the Pisa Science Foundation, a non-profit Research Institute focused on cancer and neuro-degenerative disorder research.

While I am a scientist, the whole story of Ninnotto starts with me as a mom, when I had my second child, Giacomo. During the long sleepless nights taking care of him I had noticed how comfortable he was on my sweatshirt sleeve. From there came the idea to wrap up my arm with a soft, smooth and comfortable sweater so to create a sort of pillow for my baby. Very soon this object went through different modifications resulting finally in a fine, soft and pretty sleeve that was easy to wash and ideal to pacify my baby even when his dad, grandma or aunts and uncles would hold him. 

This home-made success gave me the idea to share this with other moms. Thus, I decided to improve the manufactory, to make more copies of the accessory and to share my great experience with other parents. After performing an accurate research through a patent and trademark office, I discovered that there was no existence of similar products on the Italian or international market, therefore it was possible to obtain an international invention patent. 

Thank you for visiting this site. If this was for you the first time, we hope you like what you have seen. If you have already experienced the usefulness of our product, thanks for your steady support.

And our adventure as a company started! The choice of the materials, the identification of the manufacturers that could produce the first samples and the creation of a name and a logo marked the natural evolution of the idea until the birth of Ninnotto

The decision to undertake independently the business of manufacturing and marketing of the product, without the mediation of other companies, has been strengthened by the fact that my husband has a solid experience in business development and he took over the role of managing director while I keep being a scientist.  We founded the company, Doc & Doc ltd in London, where our legal advisors are based, and this year we opened our US branch, Doc & Doc LLC in Miami. Both Doc & Doc companies have also the support of several professionals in Europe, with long experiences in the field of clothing and baby accessories development and retailing.

We are very proud of the sales we've made so far online through Amazon.com, where Ninnotto became one of the best sellers in the babyhood linen section.

Holding steady key points as the opening of foreign markets, we are nowadays, as a matter of fact, ready to face the American market through the Kickstarter.com system with our new founded company based in Miami. During this start-up phase Ninnotto will come in solid white colour with some gray finishes. In a second phase it will come in different colors and patterns, casual as well as elegant. Moreover, it could be personalized with cute and nice embroideries chosen by our customers.

Thank you for visiting this site. If this was for you the first time, we hope you like what you have seen. If you have already experienced the usefulness of our product, thanks for your steady support.


If you wish to find out more on how Chiara had the idea of Ninnotto, read here

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Made in Italy
US and EU Patented

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