The Doc &Doc story...from its founder, Chiara Mazzanti

 “It is well known how difficult it is when you become a mom to find time for yourself, the rest of the family or for your home. If you are not a mom you can’t understand how it is possible that someone would say: “Sorry I didn’t get a chance to call you…”. When I had Filippo, my first kid, I understood it right away, and I understood it even better when I got my second one, Giacomo.

However, what you do have is “time to think”, especially during the long night hours while you are the only one awake trying to make your baby eat or sleep.

Well…in all that thinking my mind would travel everywhere, going very fast from one thought to another, until it stopped to notice how comfy my Giacomo was sleeping in my arms all cuddled up into my fantastic sweatshirt, almost like magic…

Therefore I asked myself.” What am I going to do this summer when it will be hot and humid? Holding and breast-feeding my baby when it’s hot and humid and I’ll have to rest him baby in my bare arm, might get very uncomfortable for both…”

Using my sweatshirt in summer would not have been a great idea. I even thought of cutting the sleeve, but it would have been really bad looking and not practical at all. Therefore I came up with the idea of creating something exactly for that, something that I could slip on my arm, soft enough for Giacomo to be comfortable and also for me, something light and efficient.

From that moment on, other ideas of use came up. An object like that could be so very useful, I could also use it on an itchy sweater, or a jacket, and if I made it light and easy to fold I could also carry it around. It could come handy when traveling, on the train, on the plane etc etc…but not only! Why should I be the only one to use it? What about daddy, grandmother, aunts…?

I could make it in different colors, just to follow different moods. Moreover, using it often it will get my smell and hopefully it will help my baby feel safer with anyone he will be … From that night on I have been working on it, I have created different home made prototypes, I asked for friends and parents’ advice and little by little I finally got to create a model that was the “one”, the “one” I liked and had in mind, the “one” that was useful, practical, efficient and cute.

This is how Ninnotto was born…